Zeynep Akdoğan Ağacıkoğlu


I'm an industrial designer, graduated from METU in 2003. Later on I started to work at Aselsan Inc, a prominent technology company in Turkey. At the same time I was working on my master thesis.

After almost 6 years of office life as senior industrial designer, I’d started to travel as an expat. I had lived in Bangladesh for 2 years and moved to Switzerland in 2011. In Switzerland, I started my master’s degree in Graphic Design in September 2012 and graduated in February 2014 from HSLU.

I continued to work in Aselsan between 2015-2017. Right now I have been working freelance. After spending 3 years in Geneva/Switzerland, now I am based in Riyadh, KSA.

During my time in Switzerland and KSA, I worked on mind training and became a MBC (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy) Instructor from Oxford Universiy Mindfulness Centre.

• Concept Development: Concept design and presentation of the military/civil systems and products
• System Design and UX: Identifying system and user needs by prototyping and testing
• Human Engineering / Ergonomics: Human engineering of systems and products
• Industrial Design and 3D Modeling: Rugged product design, Military/civil product design, Man-machine interface design, Exhibition area and stand design
• Interior Design: Interior design of military command and control rooms, shelters, trucks and the other vehicles
• Subcontractor Management: Job Assignment, Design Assignment, to follow up production, Subcontractor monitor/inspection/control
• Graphic Design and Presentation: Design of graphical elements of products,Poster design of systems, logo and emblem design, Photo realistic visualization of 3D elements
• Graphical User Interface (GUI) Design: Identifying system and user needs, Concept design of GUI, User friendly and usable design of GUI for systems, Icon design, Logo design